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Backing soda blasting media

  • Soda Blasting media
  • Soda Blasting media
Soda Blasting media Soda Blasting media

Soda Blasting media

Soda Blasting media

Sodium bicarbonate (commonly known as baking soda) is a commonly used cleaning media in daily life. Soda blasting media is a gentle blasting media could work on almost any substrates without damage or distortion. It is non-destructive, high-efficiency, and non-polluting, and this technology has quickly been promoted and applied in the market. The abrasive grade sodium bicarbonate abrasive blasting media is used in the spray cleaning field powered by compressed air or high-pressure water. It has the characteristics of no sparks, no static electricity, no dust explosion, and no loss. It is suitable for removing paint, rust, carbon deposits, oil stains, dust in the surface. Its application fields include aviation, aerospace, military industry, shipbuilding, chemical industry, petroleum, military, food, medicine and remanufacturing.


Characteristics of sodium bicarbonate abrasives:


Safety: Food-grade raw materials, sanitary and safe; low-pressure injection, safe operation; weak alkali food, environmental safety; no need to close the work area when cleaning and removing paint. No static electricity, no sparks, no dust storms.

Non-destructive: soft abrasive, no damage to the substrate, perfect restoration and restoration; the surface of the substrate will not be damaged in the process of degreasing, rusting and paint removal.

Environmental protection: food raw materials, soluble, wastewater discharge ph is less than 8.3, reaching the direct discharge standard;

Efficient: Manual cleaning compared with the same period last year, the efficiency is increased by 5 to 8 times; the effect is obviously improved.


Technical Data Index:

Chemical Content

Sodium bicarbonate

Water (Typical Value)

Within 4.83%

Mohs Hardness


Specific Surface Area(BET) (Typical Value)


Environmental protection level

Ph value is weakly alkaline, soluble in   water, no residue

Safety level

No sparks, no static electricity,   non-flammable, no dust explosion hazard, A1 grade cleaning agent, edible

Manufacturing process

Physical reaction, non-toxic and harmless

Available Size

50mesh 80mesh 110mesh 140mesh







1. Sodium bicarbonate abrasives can be used in wet and dry spraying (depending on the object to be cleaned and requirements), the use of sodium bicarbonate microcrystalline abrasive spraying technology can be used to depaint/decoat the workpiece without damage Inner layer. The paint can be removed layer by layer to ensure that the paint layer that does not need to be removed is intact.

   Applicable industrial scope: aviation, ocean-going ship repair, petroleum and petrochemical, natural gas pipeline, municipal and civil, factory maintenance, etc.

   Applicable fields: aircraft skin depainting, ship dismantling parts cleaning and refurbishment, marine pump and valve precision cleaning, pipe network oil pollution removal, alloy composite fiber coating layer-by-layer peeling paint, special precision parts non-destructive cleaning, etc.

Two, typical application

Aircraft overhaul plant does not damage the anodized layer and aircraft paint removal

Degreasing and painting of ship electromechanical equipment

Cleaning of disassembled parts of naval overhaul plant.

Petrochemical oil tank with oil operation

Offshore drilling platform pipeline and drill pipe cleaning and anticorrosion

In the chemical industry, exploration, oil extraction, refining, transportation, storage, equipment maintenance, etc.