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How to choose proper grit size of blasting media for sandblasting

The relationship between particle size and blasting roughness is that when blasting abrasive particles contact the surface of the workpiece at high speed, the surface roughness of the blasting abrasive is caused by the combined effects of impact, cutting and scouring.

Therefore, the surface roughness and blasting effect are determined by the combination of the size, hardness, particle shape of the sandblasting abrasive, the hardness of the workpiece itself, the pressure of compressed air, the distance between the nozzle and the workpiece, the angle of sandblasting, etc.


1.Partical grit size:

Maintaining the consistency of abrasive grit size throughout the blast cleaning process is a necessary prerequisite to ensure consistent surface roughness. It has to avoid mixing or replacing abrasives for different purposes.

In addition, the particle size of the abrasive has a direct impact on the blasting effect. The particle size sand is generally used for sandblasting, and the micronized abrasive is used for fine grinding and polishing.

2. Hardness: 

For artificial abrasives such as corundum and silicon carbide, the purity of the abrasive media has a direct effect on the hardness of the abrasive. Abrasive sandblasting media which produced by adopting high-quality raw materials and appropriate process has higher hardness. For natural abrasives such as garnet and walnut sand, beneficiation and material selection are more important to ensure the hardness of the abrasive.

3. Particle shape: 

The particle shape is directly related to the production and crushing process. Generally speaking, the shape of the abrasive particles produced by the Barmac machine is more rounded, the edges are not sharp, and the toughness is better; the abrasive particles produced by ball milling and counter-rolling have more Edges and corners, stronger grinding ability.

4. The hardness of the material of the workpiece itself:

For workpieces of different hardness, an abrasive with higher hardness than the workpiece should be selected.


The blasting abrasive produced by Haixu Abrasives has the following advantages:

Strictly sieved grains by the international standard particle size standard, Make sure accurate particle size and strong reliability.

Select high-quality raw materials and strictly control the supply to ensure high abrasive purity.

For different applications, we provide customers with abrasives produced by suitable processes to improve the efficiency of the sandblasting process.

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