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Zirconia Alumina Properties

The characteristics of zirconia alumina:

1.     The toughness of Zirconia is very high, about 13-15 times that of brown aluminum oxide.

2.     The crystal size of zirconia is very small (HAIXU ordinary quality crystal size is 18-20um, HAIXU high-quality crystal size is 10-12um), which is one twentieth of the ordinary electron fused alumina. The smaller crystal size can continuously produce small sharpness edges during grinding. So the service life is improved. 

3.    The bulk density of zirconia is high (1.9-2.45g/cm3), while the bulk density of ordinary fused corundum such as white aluminum oxide and brown aluminum oxide is 1.55-1.95g/cm3. Zirconia alumina is suitable for the production of high-speed grinding wheels, heavy-duty grinding wheels, and cutting discs and other abrasive tools.

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