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How to remove Ferro residues in brown fused alumina grain?

How to remove Ferro residues in brown fused alumina grain?

        In the process of milling brown fused alumina grain, Iron ball always work as miller in the process. This is also the main source of ferro residues in brown fused alumina grain. In actual production, a magnetic separation process will be added after the ball milling to remove the Ferro residue in the brown fused aluminum oxide.

        The existence of Fe2O3 is very harmful to sandblasting, grinding and polishing operations. When brown corundum sand grinds the metal surface, it will destroy the metal surface structure, increase the contact area between the metal and the air, and the iron residue will react with the air to form a black and dark oxide layer, which will affect the effect of surface treatment. After the treatment of 5000 magnetic magnetic separator, the ferro content can be controlled within 0.3%, which improves the performance of brown fused alumina.


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