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Advantage of blue fired brown fused alumina

Advantage of blue fired brown fused alumina

Blue fired brown fused alumina is an advanced brown fused alumina. It is calcining treated BFA at a temperature of 1350-1400 centigrade. It has particular advantages then normal brown fused alumina. After the calcining, the color turns to dark blue rather than brown.

1. Calcination can improve the magnetic induction of abrasive. After calcination in a high-temperature kiln, the weak magnetic field is transformed into a strong magnetic field, which can smoothly remove the magnetic substances and improve the purity of brown fused alumina.

2. Improve the hydrophilicity of brown aluminum oxide abrasive. The hydrophilicity of high temperature calcined BFA is 1-2 times that of ordinary brown corundum.

3. The thermal expansion coefficient of high temperature calcined brown fused alumina is low, which can effectively prevent the thermal expansion generated in the burning process of abrasive tools, and is conducive to the closure of crystal cracks. The crack and other defects of the grinding wheel are avoided.

4. Improve the bonding strength between abrasive and binder. High temperature calcination can vaporize the surface of brown aluminum oxide abrasive grains, increase the specific surface area of abrasive particles, and make the abrasive and binder more closely combined.

5. Improve the service life and performance of the grinding wheel: the durability of the grinding wheel products made of high temperature calcined brown fused alumina is about 40% higher than that of the grinding wheel made of ordinary brown fused alumina.

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