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Brown aluminum oxide F-Grit and P-Grit

Brown fused aluminum oxide is a common abrasive used in the production of polishing products for grinding tools. It has good toughness and high grinding efficiency. Brown corundum is suitable for grinding various materials such as metal, stainless steel, and alloy workpieces. However, in terms of the production process, particle shape, particle size composition, and usage, brown aluminum oxide can be divided into two categories: brown aluminum oxide F-Grit and brown aluminum oxide P-Grit.

Brown fused alumina blasting media

Brown fused alumina sand blasting is a process of grinding abrasive to cut, polish and remove the surface of metal parts, wood, ceramics and other workpieces. It adopt brown fused aluminum oxide as blasting media. Complete dust removal, scratching, corrosion, oxidation and other work to form a bright or certain surface preparation. Brown fused alumina, also known as brown aluminum oxide, brown corundum and BFA, is a kind of fused fused synthetic corundum, which mainly accounts for 95% of alumina. Brown fused aluminum oxide powder or abrasive is an ideal material for sandblasting media. The macro abrasive F8-F220 produced by us is used for general surface preparation, sand blasting and shot peening, and the micro abrasive F 280-F2000 is used for precision polishing and abrasive.

How abrasive grain inflence Vitrified bonded Abrasive wheels?

Abrasive grain is the main raw material for the production of Vitrified bonded abrasive wheels. It acts as a cutting edge during grinding. There are many factors affecting the quality of abrasive wheels, such as bonding agent, firing temperature, manufacturing process and so on. But the impact of abrasive grains such as brown fused alumina, white fused alumina on the quality of abrasives is the most critical factor.

Silicon carbide micropowder for paint filler

Green silicon carbide micropowder and black silicon carbide micropowder are both good paint filler for paint and coating. They have good insulation properties, long service life and low production cost, so they are widely used. In fact, silicon carbide micropowder also plays a certain role in paint coatings. So what are the uses of silicon carbide micropowder in coatings? Gabe silicon carbide manufacturer will give you a brief introduction in detail.

Chromium fused aluminum oxide for refractory

Alumina based refractory bricks always used for furnace lining in foundry. Chromium fused aluminum oxide is a good material for that refractory application. After starting to tap 50 kg of iron, the temperature of molten iron can reach above 1410 °C immediately, and can reach 1450~1550 °C in half an hour. But when the furnace is opened for 1 hour and 50 minutes, the temperature will drop again to about 1410 ℃. The next day, when the furnace was opened, it was found that all the refractory materials near the second exhaust air outlet had been eroded away, and the card waist furnace had become a straight furnace, thus losing its advantages. In order to maintain the advantages of the furnace with a waist, we must solve the refractory lining Material.