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Bubble Alumina 0.06-0.1mm microsphere production

Bubble Alumina is a good refractory material for making thermal insulation facilities. The application including kiln furniture, heat kiln, refractory bricks,etc. The density of bubble alumina is bigger with finer sphere size. The min ordinary size of bubble alumina is 0.1-0.2mm. Recently, users are testing the size finer than it: Bubble Alumina 0.06-0.1mm.

Generally, 0-0.1mm bubble alumina sphere get some alumina powder. That is inevitable because it gets formed in the fusing process. That makes the material density higher than bubble ones. So we get another sieve of 240 mesh. By seiving the spheres with 150 mesh and 240 mesh, we get 0.06-0.1mm. The bulk density turns to be  1.25-1.30 g/cm3. The weight is lighter than solid fused alumina.