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Tilting BFA & Fixing BFA

What the difference between Tilting BFA and Fixing BFA

Brown Emery Material is a widely used Refractory and Abrasive Raw material in Many Industries.For many users, it always get confused on the difference between Tilting Furnace making BFA and Fixing Furnace Making BFA.

The following items shows the details:


Tilting Furnace BFA Fixing Furnace BFA
Chemical Al2O3 :Min 95%




Al2O3: Min 94%



Ti2O: 1.5-4.0%


Grain shape roundness less sharp edges

More Angular

Color Dark Black- Brown Brown
Roughness Less roughness Higher roughness
Self sharpening Ability Normal Self-sharpening Ability Higher Self-sharpening Ability
Milling Process By Barmac milling machine By ball milling machine
Thermal properties Better thermal shock resistance Normal thermal shock resistance
Application Refractory, Bonded Abrasives Abrasive Blasting, Wear resistance   products, Coated Abrasives, Abrasive Wheels