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Brown aluminum oxide F-Grit and P-Grit

Brown fused aluminum oxide is a common abrasive used in the production of polishing products for grinding tools. It has good toughness and high grinding efficiency. Brown corundum is suitable for grinding various materials such as metal, stainless steel, and alloy workpieces. However, in terms of the production process, particle shape, particle size composition, and usage, brown aluminum oxide can be divided into two categories: brown aluminum oxide F-Grit and brown aluminum oxide P-Grit.

The specific differences are as follows:

>>Differences in production processes:
The sand-making and crushing process of brown aluminum oxide F-Grit is ball milling or Barmak ball milling. Especially the brown aluminum oxide F-Grit(F8-F220) produced by the Barmak restraint sand machine, which has fewer sharp corners and a high bulk density of particles.
Brown aluminum oxide P-Grit is generally produced by particle crushing using a roller mill.

>>Differences in particle shape:
The particle shape of brown aluminum oxide F-Grit is irregular and multi-ribbed with rounded particles.
The particles of brown aluminum oxide P-Grit are mostly elongated needle-shaped or elongated multi-pointed particles. This shape is beneficial for one end of the abrasive particle to adhere to the substrate. Thus the other end of the abrasive particle is used for grinding.

>>Difference in particle size distribution:
The particle size distribution of BFA F-Grit sand shall meet the requirements of GB/T 2481.1-1998.
The grain size distribution range of BFA P-Grit is narrower, which should meet the requirements of the national standard GB/T9258.2-2208.


>>Differences in application:
Brown aluminum oxide F-Grit can be used for sandblasting and consolidation of abrasive tools such as grinding wheels.
Brown aluminum oxide P-Grit can only be used for the production of coated abrasives such as abrasive belts and cloth.

In short, although both BFA F-Grit and BFA P-Grit belong to fused brown corundum, there are still many differences in details.